• 27th - 29th September


  • Each participant is responsible for reading out the general rules and regulations outlined in Competition Manual and comply with or be bound by them.
  • Participants are encouraged to accept responsibility for their own behavior and performance during the competition.
  • Respect and obey all decisions made by the judges during the competitions
  • Decisions made by the Judges are final and binding. Participants should never argue nor show dissent in case of judgments made against their expectations / desires.
  • Participants/teams involved in such activities will be black listed from participating in future events.
  • Participants are expected to treat fellow participants, judges, organizing committee members with required courtesy and respect including following all instructions given on the floor, responding to requests in reasonable time etc.,
  • Participants are expected to obey and assemble in team when event organizing committee members call for ‘team photo shoots’, taking attendance, introducing team members, receiving badges, trophies, certificates etc.,
  • Participants are expected to represent their Hotel/Organization with pride and dignity. Should not do something that might bring disrepute to their organization.
  • Participants are expected to conduct themselves with utmost professionalism and respect other Competing professionals.
  • Participants are expected to exchange only pleasant words. They are never allowed to utter anything that might hurt the feelings or sentiments of others.
  • Participants are expected to follow the rules and participate accordingly; no cheating or short cuts are allowed.
  • Participants are not supposed to use abusive language to anyone including judges, fellow participants, team mates, event organizing committee members and others at all stages of the competition.
  • Participants are not allowed to bully or use bullying tactics to spoil the performance of other contestants.
  • Participants are not allowed to harm team members, contestants or their property, belongings, culinary equipment’s, ingredients etc., through physical action.
  • Participants should refrain themselves from telling lies or spreading rumors without verifying facts, anything related to the competitions.
  • Participants are expected not to use social media platforms to post abusive or derogatory remarks about the culinary competitions, judges, other contestants, event organizing committee members and others related to the event.