• 27th - 29th September


  1. A panel of highly qualified chefs and culinary experts will judge the competitors.
  2. One of the main criteria for judging of all dishes is the ingredient and method card; these should be professionally presented with a brief description of the ingredients and cooking methods.
  3. The correct naming of the entry is obligatory. All exhibits must be clearly marked on the exhibition table, as well as on the registration form. Please ensure personally that each exhibit carries the correct label.
  4. All exhibits must be original first-time entries whether local or international. Any exhibits found to have been entered and judged elsewhere shall be disqualified
  5. All exhibits must be completed within the designated time.­
  6. The judges will cut into each exhibit for a closer examination.
  7. Inedible ingredients should not be used
  8. Dishes should have a natural and appetizing appearance.
  9. Correct basic preparation, precise and tidy plate arrangement in accordance with today’s modern culinary art/practices suitable for practical restaurant service.
  10. Judges will take into account the culinary customs and practices pertaining to participating nations.
  11. Garnishes and trimmings must harmonize with the main piece in quality and taste.
  12. To make practical service possible, clean and exact arrangements with exemplary plating should be achieved.
  13. Competitors must avoid placing food on the rims of plates or arranging food in an unsightly and/or unhygienic fashion.
  14. Points will be deducted for Fruits/Vegetables that are not cut or formed precisely.