• 27th - 29th September

Rules & Regulations

  1. Competitors are restricted to one entry per class.
  1. No change of classes will be allowed. Please notify the organizers, in case you wish to cancel early notification may allow on unsuccessful competitor to prepare for the competition. Absentees without written pre-notification will have their future Applications re-considered.
  1. A letter must accompany any information changes submitted from the participating establishment/organization. Please also note that such requests should be made no later than one month before the competition and compulsory to notify the Organizers. In the event a competitor does not notify the Organizers, his/her participation will be cancelled.
  1. Submission of a completed entry form shall constitute acceptance of and agreement to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Culinary Champions 2023.
  1. The Organizing Committee has the right to refuse any entry which does not comply with the Rules and Regulations or with any specific requirement or limitation stated in respective categories.
  1. Any entry may be rejected on the grounds that, in the opinion of the Organizing Committee, it does not reach the standard required.
  1. Entries for all classes are accepted on a first come-first served basis. Please note that with limited work/kitchen stations, All Classes are usually filled before the stipulated deadline for entries.
  1. No removal of display exhibits is allowed before 1800 hrs on the competition day. Removal of exhibits will commence after 1800 hrs. Competitors are to be present at their allocated display area by this time. The organizers reserve the right to remove display exhibits if deterioration beyond acceptable standards has taken place and dispose of uncollected exhibits after 1900 hrs.
  1. Competitors must be present at least one hour before there appointed time of the Competition.
  1. The entry fee will not be refunded should the competitor(s) decide to withdraw from the competition or should the competition be cancelled for reasons beyond the Organizers control or under any circumstances. However, if a competitor is unable to be present a substituted competitor may be accepted as long as the Organizers have been notified before the 20th May 2023.
  1. For entries selected to enter the competition, no recipe changes will be accepted, unless the Organizers permit otherwise. These must be duly filled and placed by the side of the exhibits if the class rules require it. The Organizer does not require copies, but reserve the right to request them. (A recipe form is attached herewith.)
  1. All competitors must wear appropriate chef uniforms and hat. No logos indicating where the competitor is working to be visible during the competition.
  1. The Organizing Committee and the judges reserve the right to inspect each team’s tools, ingredients, workstations etc. before and after the competition. Any competitor who leaves the workstation untidy will be penalized 50 points. Plates will not be provided.
  1. The Organizers reserve the right to rescind, modify or add on any of the above rules & regulations and their interpretation of these is final. They also reserve the rights to limit the number of entries per class or amend a competition section, modify any rules, cancel any class or competition, or cancel/postpone the whole competition event should it be deemed necessary.
  1. While all reasonable care will be taken by the Organizer, no guarantee is given and the Organizer will not accept any responsibility for the loss or damage to any exhibit equipment, utensils or personal effects, during the competitions.
  1. The canvassing of judges or other officials of the Culinary Champions 2023 by competitors or their representatives is prohibited at all times.
  1. Participants who contravene any of the Rules and Regulations of the Culinary Champions 2023 may at the discretion of the respective chief judge be disqualified. The decision of the respective chief judge is final.
  1. Results will be announced at the Award Ceremony on the 17th of June 2023. Time & Venue will be notified.
  1. The Organizer reserve all rights to the recipes used, and photographs taken at the event. Any publication, reproduction or copying of the recipes can only be made with their approval.
  1. If an award is won, the competitor has to ensure his/her presence (or that of a representative) to collect it. All awards are to be accepted in Chef’s Uniform. Any trophy/media/certificate that is not accepted at the ceremony will be collect it from the Organizers Office at the venue.
  1. If the Competitors Name appears in the certificate is incorrect, coordinated person from the respective Organization/establishment should inform the Organizers immediately. Otherwise, it causes an extra charge to print a new Certificate. And also, for the loss of certificates/medal will be charge an extra cost as given below. Certificate Rs. 250, Medal Rs.3500
  1. In the event of serious dispute over the items of the regulations, or a problem not mentioned in the rules, the matter will be discussed between the jury and the Head Judge and a final decision will be made.